Crafty One

March 13, 2009

A Computer For The Wrist

If your like me, you probably can’t get enough of techy, geeky, gadgets.  I know I can’t.  The latest one I’ve decided I just do without, is a GPS Pedometer.  Now this is a really cool idea.  What it really is, is a GPS that’s specialized for a specific niche.  That niche being the outdoors types, that like to cover a lot of distance.   And distance by any means possible.  It could be biking, hiking, running, swimming, boating, skydiving, motorcycle, automobile, or rickshaw.  Doesn’t really matter which.  But what it’s really good for is runners.  It keeps track of how far you ran and a bunch of other data regarding your workout.  What’s really cool about a GPS Pedometer, and what it can do, that a regular pedometer can’t is it keeps track of elevation.  You may think that’s a funny thing to care about, but if you do, then your obviously not a runner.  Anyone whose done any sort of long distance running, understands, what a killer those hills can be.  Well, a GPS pedometer knows when your going uphill, and when your going downhill, as it knows your elevation, as well as your latitude and longitude.  The software in your GPS can then take hills into account when calculating your final workout statistics.


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