Crafty One

March 18, 2009

Riding A Skid Steer Is Fun

Just don’t get too crazy, and get your self hurt. While a skid steer (bobcat), can have a very practical side, there’s no denying they can be a lot of fun to bomb around in. They’re not particularly fast (then do have treads you know), but they are extremely versatile. Given that each of the wheels, or drive mechanisms can be independently controlled, these machines can virtually turn on a dime. They’re great for a wide range of terrains, as if one or two wheels can’t get traction, then the other 2, or 1 can pull you through. I even saw a video, of a guy popping forward wheelies with a skid steer. He basically, used the front end loader, to pull the weight of the skid steer forward just enough to tip it up on it’s front two wheels, but not have it fall over. He then proceeded, to drive around on those front two wheels doing figure eights, and all kinds of fancy moves. A clear case of a driver with a little too much time on his hands. What I’d really like to see, is some skid steer races. You could have a lot of fun with that. Maybe racing, while balancing a load. Like a carton of eggs or something. First vehicle across the line with the least amount of broken eggs wins the race 😉


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