Crafty One

March 18, 2009

The Melding Of Metals

If your looking for a good welder, be sure not to jump at the first one you find, or the cheapest one you find.  There’s generally a good reason why it’s so cheap.  Unless, it’s because the seller doesn’t know the value of the welder he has, you may want to look around a little longer.  If it is a case of the seller not knowing the value of his product, that jump on that deal right away.  The first thing to consider, is how much amperage your welding unit will need to supply.  Generally, the more amperage, the thicker the steel you can weld.  A 180 amp welder can weld as think as 7.5mm of steel, whereas a 90 amp welder will likely only do a thickness of 2 mm.  This number of course depend on whether your doing, for instance a butt weld requires more amps per thickness than a V weld of the same thickness.  Check out the reputation of different welder manufacturers.  Lincoln welders have been manufactured for close to a hundred years in the US, and are considered on of the better makes.  Miller and Hobart and ESAB, are a few other manufactures with solid reputations.  It’s hard to get a bad welder from any of those manufacturers.


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