Crafty One

March 18, 2009

Why Pay A Pro To String Your Racquet

It doesn’t matter if you play badminton, tennis, racquetball, or squash.  Eventually your going to break the strings in your racquet, and need to either buy a new racquet, or get your old racquet restrung.  If your racquet is just a cheap racquet, and you only paid around $50 for it, the $35 or more for stringing may seem to be hardly worthwhile.  Well, in that case, having a professional string your racquet may not be worth it.  Unless, you consider that your original racquet basically becomes junk with broken strings.  So, many people just pay the price and have the stringing job done.  If you happen to have a more expensive racquet that you paid upwards of $200 for, then the restringing fee may seem reasonable.  Of course, if you go through this scenario enough times, you may consider another option.  That is , buying your own stringing machine, doing your own strings.  You may be put off by that prospect, because you don’t want to spend the time learning how to string, or you think stringing machines are too expensive.  Well, you may be surprised on both fronts.  You can get a decent stringing machine  for personal use for about $300.  Plus, once you’ve done a racquet or two, you’ll find you can string a racquet in 30-60 minutes depending on the quality of your machine.  And, since the price of string is only about a third of the total professional stringing fee, you may find that stringing your own racquets can save you some money in the long run.


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