Crafty One

March 19, 2009

A Bulldozer Tank?

What’s the difference between a bulldozer, and a tank?  Well, to some people not too much.  While a bulldozer is generally considered a tool to be used for constructing and building things, that’s not to suggest that they can’t be used for destructive purposes.  There’s the much documented case of a few years ago, feature the “killdozer”.  In small town USA, there was a rather disgruntled business man, that was basically pissed at just about everyone in his home town.  From certain bussiness partners to the local city council, he had a axe to grind.  So, he took an old Caterpillar bulldozer, and totally armored the vehicle and went on a rampage destroy property including entire buildings that were owned by anyone who had crossed him in the past.  While that may be a inappropriate use of a bulldozer / tank, there have been some more legitimate uses in history.  The Israeli have used armored bulldozers to locate and disarm land mines, and tear down buildings that were of military strategic advantage to its’ adversary’s.  The bulldozers were impervious to all kinds of weapons including machine guns.


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