Crafty One

March 19, 2009

A Vintage Guitar God I’d Never Heard Of

I was just surfing around YouTube, looking at different music videos of guitar players, and came upon one guy name Tommy Emmanuel.  He’s simply amazing.  My daughter has taken to teaching herself guitar these days, and I told her she should learn to play Classical Gas, just because it’s one of the amazing vintage guitar songs I remember from my youth.  In my search, I see that the most viewed version of the song is by this Tommy Emmanuel guy.  So, I give it a listen, and damn but is this guy good.  Energetic, and fast as well.  I’m now listening to a playlist of his songs on YouTube while I write this post.  It’s currently playing a duet he does with J.Shimabukuro on mandolin of the George Harrison classic “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.  It’s a really beautiful rendition of a great tune.  My favorite so far, has to be an improv he does, where he tells the audience in concert that he is going to playing Classical Gas, but keeps breaking into other favorite tunes every few bars or so.  It’s in incredible ad lib by a true genius of the guitar.  The internet never ceases to amaze be by showing me how much I don’t know.  This guys has been playing since 1962, and I never heard of him till like 30 minutes ago.  Wow!


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