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March 19, 2009

Trimble GPS Is Coming To Your Cellphone

Everyone knows what GPS is, but how many average consumers know the brand name Trimble?  Chances are not that many, but that could change soon.  As location based technology invades the personal cell phone market, more and more people will know Trimble, and use it.  Location based technology, means you can do things like know where are you friends are within a few meters, because their cell phone tells you so.   Those among the privacy paranoid brigade will be freaked out by this, but those who aren’t can see all the good uses for this kind of stuff.  A few years ago back in 2006, Nokia signed an agreement with Trimble to incorporate their GPS tech into Nokia cell phones.  Last year, Blackberry did the same thing incorporating Trimble GPS innovation into the Blackberry 8830 and 8130.  Apart from the personal location type stuff, you can also use your phone as a GPS for navigating, travelling, hiking, geocaching, or whatever other outdoor activity, you happen to participate in.  It’s pretty cool stuff.  Trimble is a great company to partner with for this sort of stuff, as they’ve been doing industrial strength GPS hardware, software, infrastructure, and networks for years now.  It’s pretty exciting to see where this goes.  If the location type tech sounds a little murky, just check out one of the last scenes in the new Batman movie, where Batman get’s to see where all the bad guys are, no matter where they go, by using a network of hacked into cell phones.


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